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Harvest 2020 – Our garden takes care of us in the wonky beginnings

It was already summer when Jan really joined me here in my Quinta and we slowly started. Mostly with cleaning the place up. We started with a little bit here and there. Often the stuff that we sow is not coming up, but the garden brings up what is in my eyes already plenty of amazing foods from perennials like fennel, rosemary, parsley, cabbage artichokes, kurkuma and different fruit trees. Here you see the foods we have prepared with our garden treasures. It is so amazing for me to just go outside whenever I want and find something edible to add to my meals!

For me it felt like we were getting into stress sometimes about making a good garden (with all this talking about food shortage during these crazy times and just in general in the enthusiasm of doing meaningful work after having the big dream of our own garden been fulfilled after decades of waiting and disappointing experiences), but Mother Nature tells us: „You can take it slowly. Trust, just enjoy. I provide everything that you need right now.“

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