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Cooking and good eating in 2020

Here we share with you some peeks into what we use to eat. I have been changing my diet and started experimenting with different nutritional styles in 2013 when I was 26, Jan in 2006 when he was 44, all between raw veganism to paleo-ketogenic diet, both of us because of immense health issues.

Independently from each other, before we became a couple, we both started loosening up with our fanatically healthy eating after moving to the Azores. We have been invited quite regularly by the generous Azorian people here, and there are just so many new foods to try, and how to connect better with people and receive from the heart than over a tasty meal?

On the other side, now we for the first time had our own garden, Jan already making great strides with his clayhouse-garden! So at home we are quite focused, eating clean, no sugar, no gluten or alcohol in the house. Weston A. Price or Bulletproof diet would mostly describe how we are eating. This first year in our Quinta and for me being completely in the Azores was a great experience, to learn to go with the season and mostly use what nature gives, what we grow, what we can pick somewhere else or what friends give us.

But of course we also go shopping, like for fats and oils (mostly the good yellow Azorian butter, coconut oil and organic virgin olive oil, sometimes lard, hemp and black cumin seed oil), white rice, oats, nuts and seeds, gluten free flours, goat cheese, seafood, meat, and also some eggs, for the chickens that came with the house were already some years old and not giving so much anymore.

Here I present you some of our dishes, quick and simple it has to be for a busy Capricorn-Virgo couple, on the same time nourishing on the micro- and macronutrient level. I always compose my meals in the way that I have a a source of starch, of fat, of protein, and some green and colorful veggies (cooked and raw) for the vitamins and phytonutrients, to create a physiological satisfying meal that satiates and provides stable energy and blood sugar for 4-5 hours, normally no cravings for snacks, except maybe for a fruit.

I hope I can make your mouth water and inspire you at the same time! I feel like eating freshly from Mother Graciosa also connects me more with Her on a molecular level.

I’m not so good at providing specific recipes, my apologies. I really have it in my muscle memory now how much I need to satiate two good eaters in which ratio. Usually I opportunistically use what is in the house and garden; when I have some rare time for extra creativity I might look up some interesting recipe and go shopping for it. Leave me a comment if you have any questions or share your own experiences!

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