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Alet joins for help, August and September 20

Jan met her in the harbor of Graciosa. Via an online platform she had joined with a sailor (both from the Netherlands) because she wanted to experience her first sailing trip. They didn´t get along with each other so well on this trip and it was not what she expected and somehow it was just good vibes and connection from the first encounter with us and Jan welcomes going with the flow anyway, and so we invited Alet to stay with us, our first guest.

Alet is a deeply spiritual person on an intense path herself since earliest childhood. She is also a musician, artist and Shiatsu therapist among many things. We shared a very healing and inspiring time together. Her colorful, chaotic and fiery nature fitted perfectly to our normally earthy, but in these vulnerable beginning times together in our Quinta after some big life changes, rather unstable energy.

I think we did a lot for each other and I look back at the time with lots of gratitude. Alet was just heaven sent, for lifting up the mood, giving some muscle to get some shit done on the Farm, sharing her therapeutic skills, and in return she got some good routines, inspiration for healthy cooking, a safe place to do inner work. She even had a little retreat completely on her own in Jan´s clayhouse for a few days and seemed detoxed on many levels afterwards.

Alet also helped us defeat the mountain of old, hard wood that was looming over us for a long time. An immense piece of work, like many things, interwoven with painful emotions.

Right before the old owners, our friends, decided to sell the place, they had cut down a little beautiful healthy forest on the backside of the land, which is now just crazily overgrowing with blackberries and shit and gives us lots of worries. I remember that I just cried after I saw this back then. I was not an Graciosa when it had happened, but Jan was there and had even helped when he saw what was going on, in order to prevent too big damage and to stop them at some point, saving a handful of beautiful big trees. We still don´t understand why these otherwise so healthconscious people were so driven to take down everything in this garden.

But at least we now have a lot of firewood for many winters to come! And the garden feels much lighter.

I´m immensely grateful for this wild, supportive and generous feminine energy who accepted me as I am and saw so much potential in us (we are still in good contact and she always has the right words and pictures to share with me and my „Fairy King“, how she called Jan) and who was just there, listened to me about old and new family stuff, and made the heartbreaking decluttering of the house at all doable for me after the most painful breakup of my life, with my sister back in spring (who came to Graciosa with me and my husband and had lived with me for half a year) after I separated from my husband and came together with Jan. I knew that Alet understood, going through deepest heartbreak herself in that time.

Alet was really acting like a shaman here for us, just by the act of carting the firewood through the garden to the storage space and helping us giving the rooms a deep cleaning, it changed the whole energy. Holding space for my emotional storms.

Yes, you have to radically accept and forgive a lot, if you want to start a real heart project, or at some point you will just collapse by all the emotional burden and can´t move on a single step.

Alet you beautiful soul, thank you for your singing, laughter, your strong arms, soft and intelligent hands and big heart. Thank you (together with our cat princesa) to help bring order in the energy flow of my lower chakras, help me some big steps with some gentle feminine healing of a complex psychological sexual trauma, which had deep roots in my body, caused by a strict religious upbringing and very disembodied parents. To help get me some steps closer to what wants to come to life through me.

Thank you for all the beautiful work you are doing in the world, especially with children! I hope you come to visit us again! Thank you for the laughter and tears together. All the very best for all of us on our journeys to heal our hearts, to stay soft and open in this harsh world.

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