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„The perfect nutrition: Learning from our ancestors“ Presentation and health food buffet, 17th of June 2023

The topic of healthy nutrition. I guess most of us here are more or less aware of that what we eat has an impact on our health. There are new fancy diets appearing on the market all the time.

We all heard different claims: Fat is bad, meat is the evil, carbohydrates are not good…

The history of this scientific field is quite short. Nutrition is a very young science. The first university faculty was established in 1956 in the German City of Gießen (where I personally also studied Biology, with additional trainings in nutrition).

What we can observe is that to make studies on such a complex topic is extremely complicated and in the end of a study there are very little claims regarding to nutritional advice that can be made with certainty. I mean, we eat so many different things during the week, just in one meal, and how to say which food affects us in which way, in addition to other lifestyle factors?

So what is our most reliable source of knowledge? As a biologist I say, nature and our evolutionary history always has the best answer.

In the bible it is spoken of the paradise, where everybody was free of diseases and the numerous ailments we have in modern times.

We have more pharmaceuticals (in use) and medical support available then ever before in human history. Just in the small city of Angra do Heroísmo with 11.000 inhabitants I count around five pharmacies!

But did this make us healthier? The truth is, we are sicker than ever before. More than one-third (35.2 %) of people in the EU reported having a long-standing (chronic) health problem in 2021. This is a dire truth.

Health problems are starting at a progressively younger and younger age. When we used to reach higher and higher age in our modern civilization, the tipping point is reached and it is reversing again: People start to die younger and younger again. And honestly, who wants to live for decades with painful health problems, sitting in the old people´s home and wait for the end?

Can this be like nature has intended it for us?

What can the solution be?

Let me take you on a journey, a hundred years ago, to the last so called „primitive“, indigenous people who live in tribes and communities, from the Inuit to the Aborigines, over the wide wild planes of North- and South America, deep Africa, and to some beautiful exotic tropical islands...

Based on the work of the world-traveling dentist Dr. Weston A. Price and his wife, who made remarkable research about how traditional cultures and indigenous tribes stayed at good health with high immunity against disease, from birth to high age, how they ensured fertility and women´s health, dental and mental health, and built happy and thriving communities under often harsh climatic conditions.

Join us in Quinta Cheia to our lecture and presentation at the 17th of June 2023 at 17pm.

Delivered in English & Portuguese

Participation is for FREE.

There is the OPTION to participate afterwards in a DINNER-BUFFET with health foods made from healing, nutrient-dense, natural and traditional ingredients. We are happy if you stay a bit longer so we can have a chat! Please let us know in advance if you already know that you want to participate in the dinner-buffet. 15€ per person (discount for children depending on age).

The proceeds from this dinner will be completely donated to the animal shelter and work of animal protection of Graciosa.

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