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Our time with volunteer Florian 15th of August – 4th of November 2021

An old client of mine reached out to me, 27years young Florian from Germany. I have worked with him as a Mind-Body-Nutrition-Ecosystem-Spirit Coach (specified on clients with Autoimmune Diseases, allergies, food intolerances, digestive problems, fatigue, concentration problems, highly sensitivity etc…) and I felt that for him a big step to come more into his metabolic power will be to find his mission as a man in this world, to gain strength for his immune system by putting his hands to real work and strengthening his body and spirit.

So we made a deal: He can live and eat with us for free and participate in all our lifestyle activities (Breathwork, Yoga, healthy cooking, gardening, sports…) and in return supports us on the farm, where help is always needed, especially now in our beginnings and me fatigued in the first trimester of my first pregnancy.

It was a pleasant experience for all of us with this lively, creative and cheerful soul and a beautiful time where we shared food, work healthy lifestyle, island life and adventure. Thank you so much for your muscles, brains and laughters, dear Florian!

Are you also interested in living and working with us for some weeks and becoming part of the Quinta Cheia family? Read more here…

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