Vagal Nerve Stimulation Therapy

I am a certified practitioner for the Safe & Soundprotocol by Integrated Listening Systems, Dr. Stephen Porges.

You can work with me worldwide online (already over 100 clients all over Europe since January 2019) or here on Graciosa in Quinta Cheia for one or more safe and relaxing personal sessions.

(Jan was actually my first client and the SSP-Therapy played a significant and healing role in us being able to make the step to start our relationship against all odds… A friend of us, Sibylle, who passed away in 2021, who we both met here on Graciosa and who worked with us as a therapist to help heal from body-stored trauma was also working with another branch of a computer based soundhealing system and was actually trained by the founding father of this kind of over the ear provided intervention to reach the nervous system, Dr. Alfred Tomatis (crazy life synchronicities!)).

I recommend the book by Norman Doidge „The Brain´s way of Healing“, where the whole history of this method is described in the chapter „A bridge of Sound“. For me personally, reading this book and starting the training and first working on myself with this method, opened up the gates for a completely new chapter of my life and level of being and I´m happy that since the Covid-time the institute provides me with a virtual platform which enables me to provide this deeply healing protocol worldwide.

Here on my German Blog I already have collected lots of amazing stories and feedback from my clients.

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