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Our food 2021

You are what you eat! This is what your cells are built from.

Jan and I have dedicated our lives to feeling good in our body, mind and soul. We have grown up with very unhealthy nutrition and both at some points in our lives, drastically stopped this unconscious eating and started a journey to discover what the foods are that keep us in balance and at good health.

We tried everything (both long time before we knew each other) from vegan to paleo, keto and carnivor, cooked and raw. Also different ways of fasting, detoxing and cleansing we have explored. I personally have very disciplined led a food diary for exactly six months to understand my food intolerances.

This journey brought us both back to our instincts for our individual needs.

We are just humans, we don´t do this 100% (we both had to for a few years to heal from chronic disease) and it´s nice to be surrounded nowadays with a tiny but lovely community of people who also value healthy eating (everyone in their own interpretation of course).

Here I write a bit more in detail about our nutrition.

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