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Jan´s Wim Hof Method Instructor Training has begun!

I´m so proud of my beloved and happy that he is making a big and committed step forward on his journey of becoming a healer!

Jan has been practicing the Wim Hof Method for himself for two and a half years now. On his sailing-journey down from Finland to Azores he met a tiny old man in Portugal, who introduced him into a similar breathing method (besides having visited Yoga- and Tantraclasses many years before already).

When we first met in January 2019 we were taking a bath in the 16-17°C cold Atlantic ocean and I was introducing him to the Wim Hof breathing technique, which I had learned myself in autumn 2017 in a workshop of a health exhibition (with one of Wim Hofs students Kasper van der Meulen) in Helsinki, where I had been working as a volunteer for a long weekend (in that time Jan had already left Finland and actually was with his sailing boat Henrietta in Germany! Funny synchronicities…).

So, after I showed him, he started his own journey with WHM and booked an online course and was since then training with the app. In my personal crisis in spring 2020 it was Jan who brought me back to the method and supported my bodymind with practicing with me together WHM and Yoga. Yes, we are all students and teachers, all the time, simultaneously and it is the most beautiful thing we can do to keep inspiring and remembering each other of the things that are healing, grounding and liberating for us…

So, from 2022 Jan will start to take personal clients to guide them on their journey to a deep, new self-discovery and just a big step forward in boosting their immune system (THIS should be the real conversation, not masks, desinfectants, vaccines and crazy abuse of human rights and cutting of personal freedom!) and taking ownership of their health and bodymind.


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