4 Days of Hotspring Wellness in São Miguel

After our neighbors finished their one year of constructions and having a big house-warming party I fell into some whole and got very sick with bladder inflammation and severe abdominal pains. It was very tough on top of my pregnancy of course (while from the second trimester on it was very unproblematic), but mostly of a Christmas, where I felt very lonely and sad here on Graciosa, my third Christmas of my life apart from my family of origin. Most of my very good newer friends here were travelling themselves in this winter.

We got the opportunity to meet with our friend Verónica (read the story of our Flores trip together) in São Miguel! A promise of some relaxed hotel days, away from our own messy renovation works, and luxurious (while some for free for us Azorean residents!) and healing hot springs on a big, interesting and beautiful island!

Also the chance to visit an already flourishing permaculture project from our friends Anne, Géraldine and Hélga from France, who have been living for a long time on São Miguel already. The exchange was inspiring for all of us.

And just touring around the island with a rental car, some sight seeing like the traditional tea factory (São Miguel is the only place in Europe where tea is grown!), eating some different foods again… The flights with some super anxious virus-phobic people with a stick up their asses were a bit heavy for me with the already big pregnant belly and not being able to breath freely like I needed, but I am grateful for these holidays.

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