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Brave Icebathers 2021

In March Jan bought a freezer, insulated the corners with sikaflex, filled it with water and soon he was able to experience his Finland-winterfeeling again – from now on the whole year around (you should have seen the faces of the people in the housewaresshop and who delivered the freezer to our house, when Jan explained to them what he planned to do with the freezer)! I also like to add baking soda or Epsomsalt to the water for the extra health benefit.

I personally had one experience with icebath before on the Biohacker Summit October 2017 in Helsinki (but Jan and I first time met in January 2019 in Graciosa) and using icecubes and very cold baths on a few occasions in SPAs after sauna, also recently expanded my swimming in my favorite lake in Germany (before I moved to Graciosa) from March to October and found comfort in cold showers.

But still, I can feel how I need and would never ever live without my hot tub in the winter, in times of high stress and weakened immune system. *g* Jan is the one, who is religiously and with lots of discipline and enjoyment doing his icebaths almost every day the whole year around.

Video from Jan´s boatyard 2017

Icebaths in our subtropical paradise in 2021. Here just a few examples of our guests who bravely trusted Jan to experience a completely now feeling of body and mind.

Always take it easy and listen to your body, when you try this at home. Stay connected to your body and to the environment. No extreme breathing exercises while in water bodies! But also know that your body is capable of so much more than our fear and our mind might tell us in that moment.

Here a short list of the health benefits (the cold gives your body a boost in the direction that your bodymind needs right in that moment): Improvement of blood circulation, metabolic activation, stress reduction (release from the nervous system), stress resilience, reduces inflammation, faster recovery after exercise, enhanced creativity and energy, heightened focus, determination, performance and will power, boost the immune system, balances the hormone levels, improved sleep quality, production of endorphins, mood elevation, build up of brown fat, loss of white fat, cold resilience (a benefit that everybody gets),… In the Wim Hof Method (Jan is a certified instructor since the beginning of 2022) the cold exposure is just one of the three pillars, next to breathwork and mindset, which also contribute and are crucial to the same benefits.

You want to experience personal coaching in ice bathing and the Wim Hof Method with Jan?

You can book a package with him, or another way would be to work and live with us for some weeks. Read more here…

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