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Silvia & Edo come baby-, boat- & housesitting

Well, actually it was boatpainting, rewarded with a nice sailingtour after Jan had made some overdue repairs on the mast.

Silvia and Edo spent their summer on Sao Miguel, and Silvia came to work as a biologist for a few days on Graciosa on the Ilheu da Praia, where I also started here six years ago. It was just good vibes between us, when we met on a picnic, and so we spontaneously asked if she could imagine to take care of our house, garden and chickens while we were in Germany for 15 days.

Before and after we also had some time together where they cooked us amazing Italian food! We loved the time together, Timmy also enjoyed the company, we got some overdue moments of rest, wonderful help and I could see my family in Germany again after two and a half years.

We are so happy, that we always could make it possible so far to be able to travel shortly and know our Quinta in good hands.

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