Dynamic Eating Psychology, Metabolic Typing Workshop 15th Oct 22

Let´s find out together about your specific Metabolic Type and how you can positively affect and support with your individualized Macronutrient Balance and other details of your daily nutrition (which make sense from a biological standpoint) your physical and psychological wellbeing, your behaviour, your energy level, weight, immune and hormonal function, digestion, mental health and anti-aging in a sustainable way.

Join me live in the kitchen and let´s have some fun cooking a healthy meal together in the group with freshest ingredients from our permaculture garden, supporting your needs about which we have just found out in a very practical and easy way. Learn from someone who has reversed a lifelong systemic autoimmune condition, was just diagnosed to have a biological age of 28 (while my passport says 35 years – Jan even gets 60 this year) and uses her body nowadays to create her dreamlife and just has a whole treasurebox of experience how to keep up the healthy habits in a manageable way in a busy day to day life.

I will work with you in a reliable way in which I have worked with over 1000 paying Coachingclients and even more readers over the last 6 years.

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